AI RoboForm for Windows 10


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AI RoboForm is a free password manager and an easy to use web form filler with advanced Artificial Intelligence. This application not only works with browsers based on Internet Explorer but also Mozilla Firefox and Chrome on Windows. The tool ensures safe operation, there is no question of stealing passwords - the program is free of spyware and adware / spyware. The main advantages of the program: - AutoZachowuje passwords from your browser. - AutoFill passwords on forms that log. - Click the button Login for you. - Fills personal information in online forms. - Keeps offline passwords & notes. - Generate Secure Random Passwords. - Encrypt passwords and personal data using 3-DES algorithm. - All personal information is stored only on your computer. - Place passwords on USB drives for added protection. - Synchronizes your passwords and secret notes from Palm. - Archive, restores and prints your password. RoboForm is the best known form filler / password fields and manager for some reason. It is well designed and has the right to useful features.